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HF260D drilling rig is delivered to Peru-230618

SUNMOY, a leading manufacturer of drilling rigs and equipment, has recently announced the successful sale and delivery of its HF260D drilling rig to a customer in Peru. The HF260D is a versatile and reliable drilling rig, designed for a wide range of drilling applications, including water well drilling, geothermal drilling, and exploration drilling.

According to SUNMOY, the customer in Peru was impressed with the HF260D's powerful engine, advanced hydraulic system, and compact design, which allows for easy maneuverability and operation even in challenging terrain. The customer also noted the rig's high-quality materials and components, which ensure long-lasting durability and reliable performance.

"We are thrilled to have our HF260D drilling rig selected by a customer in Peru," said a SUNMOY representative. "This sale is a testament to the quality and reliability of our products, as well as our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and support."

SUNMOY has been a leading provider of drilling rigs and equipment for many years, serving customers in various industries and regions around the world. The company's products are known for their superior performance, durability, and efficiency, making them a top choice for customers in the drilling industry.