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Ghanaian Agents Visit SUNMOY DRILLING RIG Factory - 231115

In a bid to strengthen their partnership and explore new opportunities, representatives from Ghana recently paid a visit to the SUNMOY DRILLING RIG factory. The visit aimed to deepen the understanding of SUNMOY's cutting-edge drilling rig technology and explore potential collaborations in the Ghanaian market.

During the visit, the Ghanaian agents were given a comprehensive tour of the factory, where they witnessed the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and the high-quality standards maintained by SUNMOY. They also had the opportunity to interact with the engineering team and gain insights into the advanced features and capabilities of the drilling rigs.

The visit proved to be fruitful, as both parties engaged in productive discussions regarding the specific requirements and demands of the Ghanaian market. The Ghanaian agents expressed their appreciation for SUNMOY's commitment to innovation and their interest in introducing the advanced drilling rig technology to meet Ghana's growing needs in the water and energy sectors.

The visit concluded with a positive outlook for future collaborations between SUNMOY and its Ghanaian partners. The agents expressed their confidence in SUNMOY's expertise and reliability, and both parties expressed their commitment to further cooperation and mutual success in the drilling rig industry.